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Missing Ruben! A Eulogy!

IMG_1183Ruben Hache….
We miss you more than we can say!  And we believe your spirit is free to fly and continue to inspire all of us!

You were a dear friend, a constant force in our artistic development and an invaluable visionary. Because of your extraordinary gift as a writer, you became the voice of the arts in our community.

You wrote about the Arts and Culture with dedication, passion and consistency.  Always opening new doors, new markets, new ways of validating our contributions to our state.

Because of your vision, Latino arts and artists are flourishing today as we claim our place in this society and in the minds and hearts of the next generation.

You were instrumental in writing grants and securing funding for the many artists of Cultural Coalition. You were invaluable in making it possible for us to develop and create amazing  performances such as “The Flight of Quetzalcoalt,”  “La Llorona,”  “El Paseo,” “La Frida,” and “Las Flacas.”
Your contributions and talent reached the masses and will be felt for many years to come.

Gracias Carnal for enriching our lives!
Hasta Siempre Compañero!