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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide community engagement through unique cultural programs dedicated to the education, promotion and development of Indigenous artists in Arizona.


Our Goals
Our Vision is to celebrate diverse cultures, serve families, provide cultural education and create new traditions.

Our programmatic activities aim to educate, promote and develop Indigenous programs and artists in the Phoenix area, simultaneously preserving, producing, and presenting a culturally significant and rich tradition.

Reviving Our Icons
Through art events and multi disciplinary performances that tell our collective universal stories, our traditional icons are kept alive and relevant to our contemporary culture.

Supporting Local Artists
We believe that supporting our local Native and Latino Artists is an imperative goal. Artists are the visionaries and communicators of contemporary issues; it is vital to continue telling our stories and utilizing the arts as a way to reach new audiences beyond commercial exploitation and cultural appropriations.  We have an extensive roster of community artists, visual and performing, who are passionate about their crafts and dedicated  to keeping our cultural identity alive in our communities.

Educating Our Audiences
Our performances are the anchor of our educational component which is made available to all the schools  and libraries in our community. We are focused on offering performances at various Title I schools, as well as community centers. We believe that it is essential to bring theater out of the traditional theater sites and into public spaces such as schools, parks and community centers, where family and children with low income resources can have an opportunity to enjoy the arts.