La ProcesiónA ‘Dia de Los Muertos’ Festival, has taken place in downtown Phoenix during the first Saturday of November, 1997-2004. It involved diverse groups of youth from inner city schools (Carl Hayden High School, César Chávez School, Genesis Academy & Phoenix College), churches (St. Anthony’s) and community organizations (Garfield Youth Organization, the Alwun House, The Mexican Cultural Center, Latino Institute and Museo Chicano), who came together to address important social issues such as violence. Participants (approximately 2,000 yearly) attended workshops and created altars and memorials that were utilized in the subsequent march and celebration at Patriot’s Square.

The concept of La Procesión is unique and unprecedented in the contemporary expression of Dia de Los Muertos. La Procesión encourages local artists, both professional and aspiring, to collaborate with community groups and to mobilize together to take their work to the streets in a public display of their creativity, expression and deep concern for the victims of violence.

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