2012 is the year of the Dragon according to the Chinese calender. To the Ancient Maya this year also represents the return of Quetzlcoatl, the feathered serpent who will bring enlightenment to our troubled world. The Desert Dragons are here now to announce the dawning of a new age and present a unique concept of performance art.

The Desert Dragons dance and play, pulsating percussion rhythms that create a festive family-friendly environment appropriate for any cultural event, festival or community celebration.

The Dragons are a hand carved collection of original dance masks that blend ancient Japanese, Mexican and Native American motifs to present a new hybrid style of the Dragon as cultural icon. Blending martial arts, comedic theatrics and colorful costumes these exotic characters guarantee an exciting unforgettable one of kind event.

In ancient societies, the dragon, despite its fearsome characteristics, represents good fortune and power.

In Mexico, Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent, is a deity that created the culture arts and maintains family, community and well being.

The Dragon Masks are not Devils. The menacing features of sharp teeth and horns are meant not to represent evil, but to exorcise bad vibes and to keep them away in order to bring good luck and renewal.

In Arizona the dragons dance annually during the Japanese Matsuri festivals (held the last weekend of February in downtown Phoenix) as well as at local Dia de Los Muertos celebrations held in November every year.

The Desert Dragon Dance Parade enhances any event with the pageantry of original extravagant masks based on global mask traditions. It provides the audience with an unforgettable contemporary interpretation of this unique celebratory art form.

Zarco Guerrero
Artistic Director

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