We have been celebrating Brazilian culture in Arizona and the Southwest since the 80’s with the band Zúm Zúm Zúm, legendary for its infectious batucadas and unique expressions of many styles of Brazilian music.

Brazilian Carnaval  has been an annual event of Cultural Coalition since 1997, bringing together the finest Brazilian musicians living in the Phoenix area to share this exciting event with expatriate Brazilians and Valley residents. Now there is a new generation of Cultural Coalition musicians and dancers who have taken over this celebration which now takes place biannually: in February and September.

2000  The Cajun House, Scottsdale
2002  Rio/Brazil Steak House in Scottsdale
2003  Monti’s La Casa Vieja in Tempe
2004  Holiday Inn at the Airport
2005  El Parador Restaurant in Tucson
2006  Scottsdale Center for the Arts

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