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Dia de los Muertos Library Series

We are very excited to announce the 2014 Dia de los Muertos Library Series leading up to the 2014 Dia de los Muertos PHX Festival! We will be presenting several performances exploring Day of the Dead traditions and themes at the 12 branches of the Phoenix Public Library. Join us at your local branch for a fun time!



An Imaginary Trip through the Americas

A 45-minute presentation with live music in four different languages and instrument demonstrations from various regions of Latin America.

September 6th, 2014 | 11:00am
Sahuaro Library
2808 N. 46th Street, 85008

September 27th, 2014 | 2:00pm
Ironwood Library
7602 W. Encanto Blvd, 85035

October 4th, 2014 | 2:00pm
Century Library
1750 East Highland, 85016

October 11th, 2014 | 2:00pm
Desert Broom Library
29710 N. Cave Creek, 85331


Cesar Says

A 45-minute performance in which Zarco Guerrero portrays the life and times of this iconic historical figure through his unique masked characters and their reverent yet humorous style of story telling.

September 27th, 2014 | 11:00am
Cesar Chavez Library
3635 W. Baseline, 85339


La Cultura Cura: Celebrating the Latino Heritage in Dance with Primavera

The roots of baile folklorico, or folk dancing, will be explained and explored in the narration provided by Maria Leon, Principal Dancer. The different regions of Mexico will be highlighted in many dances that are strongly connected with the expression of cultural identity, with styles and costumes reflecting the many diverse influences from Europe, to Africa and Meso-América.

September 20th, 2014 | 11:00am
Cholla Library
10050 Metro Pkwy E, 85051

October 11th, 2014 | 2:00pm
Harmon Library
1325 S. 5th Avenue, 85003

October 18th, 2014 | 2:00pm
Burton Barr Library
1221 N. Central Ave, 85003


Dia de los Muertos Storytelling Festival

The Dia de los Muertos Storytelling Festival puts life into perspective in a delightful and engaging way, helping us to accept and even to laugh at our most primal fears about death.

October 11th, 2014 | 11:00am
Ocotillo Library
102 W. Southern Ave, 85041


Storytelling and Poetry Jam

Featuring Arizona author Stella Pope Duarte and the local literary group Los Hijos de La Llorona, this presentation highlights the importance of writing and sharing the spoken word. Born and raised in the Sonorita Barrio in South Phoenix, Ms. Duarte currently writes from her home in Phoenix, Arizona a few miles away from the place of her birth. Los Hijos de La Llorona is a local organization of poets and community writers who express the cultural legacy of Latin America through their literature.

October 2nd, 2014 | 6:30pm
Palo Verde Library
4402 N. 51st Ave, 85031


Frida Kahlo

In this visually engaging lecture, Carmen Guerrero talks about the Life and Times of Frida Kahlo, who is now considered the most famous and celebrated female artist in the world. Discussion includes the impact Frida had on Mexican culture and her continued influence on aspiring contemporary artists.

September 6th, 2014 | 2:00pm
Mesquite Library
4525 E. Paradise Village Pkwy, 85032


Face to Face in a Frenzy

Face to Face in a Frenzy is a maniacal one-man masked manipulation that mirrors the mystery of the mind and heart in myriad fantastic faces. With a master’s touch, Zarco Guerrero personifies eccentric prototypes forcing us to examine our most innate feelings and thoughts on such themes as self-esteem, bigotry, aging, abuse and denial.

September 20th, 2014 | 2:00pm
Juniper Library
1825 W. Union Hills Dr, 85027