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Dia de los Muertos

2017 A Year of Highlights: Donate

The Cultural Coalition is a collective of artists who practice both visual and performing arts, and gather every year for a variety of events and festivals to showcase indigenous arts in order to engage and educate our community. We’ve been in operation  for the past 21 years. We serve mostly inner city families and children,…

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Dia De Los Muertos Festival Community Altar

Honoring our ancestors and those who have recently passed is an important tradition in our culture. We remember and honor them by dedicating a special day of the year for them. On November 2nd we go to their cemeteries, light up our altars and decorate them with photos of our passed loved ones, candles, flowers…

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Mikiztli in Mesa – A Dia de Los Muertos Celebration!

Mikiztli [mee-keesh-tleeh]  and its history can be found tracing far back into Anáhuac, the original name of pre-colonial Meso America. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the indigenous peoples had no word for death in the Náhuatl language. We viewed death as a transition from this life to the next, called Mikiztli, a transformation or…

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