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2017 A Year of Highlights: Donate

The Cultural Coalition is a collective of artists who practice both visual and performing arts, and gather every year for a variety of events and festivals to showcase indigenous arts in order to engage and educate our community. We’ve been in operation  for the past 21 years. We serve mostly inner city families and children,…

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We Have a New Office! Thanks to our Sponsors and Partners!

It is such an auspicious day ~ Nov 7th, 2017 – our small arts organization is growing in the heart of downtown Mesa, our ancestral land! We are happy to announce the Grand Opening of El Rancho del Sol, phase 2 of El Rancho del Arte Complex – an affordable housing project at 719 East Main Street, Mesa.  Artist…

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Celebrating Earth Day! Fundraising for the Arts!

Fundraising is always a challenge for small grass roots arts organizations such as ours The Cultural Coalition.  We count on the support of our generous patrons and supporters to provide cultural arts celebrations and workshops in our community. At our last Retreat, our Board Consultant Dr. Melanie Ohm suggested we tackle a few small but effective…

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Who is Cultural Coalition?

In the first post of our 20th Anniversary Series, we discussed the genesis of the Cultural Coalition as “a few passionate individuals” who saw a need for the development and support of grass roots arts in the community. But who are these individuals? Our board members, the majority of which are those that have been…

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