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Barrio Stories featured at El Puente Fest!

barriostoriesAt this year’s El Puente Fest in Tempe,  the guests will be treated to a delightful scene from the ground breaking play that features four outstanding eight-foot tall processional sculptures by Arizona artist Zarco Guerrero.

Barrio Stories by Borderlands Theater, is not your ordinary performance piece. In this unique project Borderlands blended elements of site-specific performance art, walking tours, historical reenactment and traditional theater into a unique experience for its viewers.

Not unlike other disappearing ethnic neighborhoods, Barrio Stories focuses on recovered history: cataloging and reconstructing the stories of Tucson’s historic Mexican-American barrios, cemented over by new developments that pushed out its residents and much of its history with them. Originally the site-specific performance took place on the remains of “Barrio Viejo,” a much beloved old community wherein viewers are able to trek through and explore what once was.

You can get a taste of Barrio Stories and more insight into what Borderlands Theatre does at the El Puente Fest on Sunday,  October 2nd at 3 p.m. at the Tempe Center for the Arts, and also on their website, Barrio Stories, and Borderlands Theatre, Tucson.