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Artists’ Congress of Arizona ~ ACÁ

All conscientious activist Artists are invited to add their  voices and talents to the proverbial table in the formation of an Artists’ Congress of Arizona (ACÁ) to advocate for the respect and dignity that we all deserve as Artists.

Who:  A dynamic and diverse group of Arizona Artists are coming together to make positive social change and to address important issues that affect us all.  “Art as economic development and cultural affirmation!”

Problem:  Many feel that the institutions that claim to represent the artists and the community do very little to serve our economic, cultural and professional needs as Artists. Difficult economic times have cut funding that provided arts programming in our communities and in our schools.  Hateful legislation has painted Arizona as a bigoted state on an international scale. The Media gives all the attention to our dysfunctional politicians while ignoring the vibrant artistic contribution of our multi-cultural urban art movement.

Solution:  We need to value the Arts and Speak out with One Voice! We see the Arts as the very tool needed to express the rich cultural diversity of our great state.  The Arts have the power to project a positive image nationally and internationally while serving the needs of our various communities.

¡La unión hace la fuerza!

We expect Artists to support each other and to participate  in our  gatherings whenever possible.

Our strength is our diversity and numbers.

We would like to get to know each other and to continue educating our youth and the general public about the value of the arts.

We stand for Arts as the economic engine of our community!